This medical model is one I had hoped for, and I am honored to be a part of this exciting change. Such a personal and relaxed setting for a patient, without all the stress and chaos of a typical doctor’s office.

Nancy N

My wife recently underwent an extensive surgical procedure.  Drs. Hedman and Lichti have been there for us during every step of her difficult recovery.  This mode of physician responsiveness and sensitivity rarely exists in our medical system today.  Placer Private Physicians offers competent, unique, and exceptional medical care.  We would highly recommend this medical practice to anyone seeking outstanding personalized healthcare.

DK and EK

My wife and I love being able to spend all the time we need with Dr. Lichti instead of feeling rushed. Thank you for this new style of patient care.

Eric L

Drs. Hedman and Lichti and their fantastic staff are relaxed and obviously quite happy in their comfortable new office. We seldom wait for our appointments, and we can see the doctor when ever the need arises. They address all sorts of problems often making it unnecessary for us to see other specialists.  We feel fortunate to have joined their practice.

SW and LW

Dr. Hedman consults with other specialists as needed, ensuring they are all on the same page with treatment.  He has great diagnostic skills and is very considerate.  The office is wonderful, not the “Grand Central” that we have all encountered with physician’s offices. It is quiet, relaxing and an excellent environment. The staff are all considerate to follow up with phone calls, checking to see how we are doing and to make new appointments.  We are so fortunate to have Placer Private Physicians with Dr. Hedman and Dr. Lichti, and would recommend them highly.

SG and FG

When Dr. Hedman made the decision to change to a private practice, I was concerned I would not be able to afford it.  With personal guidance on my insurance needs, I realized that I actually would be saving money by changing my insurance coverage to a higher deductible plan.  The new office is warm, inviting, and very personal.  Everyone there knows me and my daughters by name.  I have had numerous visits, phone conferences, metabolic screening and am even participating in a fitness challenge.  I return every 2 weeks for a weight and body measurement at no added cost.  Dr. Hedman and Dr. Lichti took a huge leap of faith opening their own private practice and leaving the comfort of a medical group.  I am so happy they made this change.  I feel safe and comfortable trusting them with the care of my twin daughters and myself.


I want to personally thank Dr. Hedman and his staff for outstanding doctor/patient support. I recently asked Dr. Hedman to become my primary physician. He spent one and half hours reviewing the results of my bloodwork and analyzing them with me, and has steered my life on a healthier course. I have changed my diet substantially and started an exercise regimen with his guidance and caring skill. I wholly recommend his practice and his approach to medicine. As a result, I am on the road to a very healthy future. In addition, he knows who I am as well as my whole family. He is always available for consultations, treatments, and questions.


My wife followed Dr. Lichti from his old office because she appreciated his prior care.  I did not join because I did not see the benefit.  Recently, she experienced problems with a very rapid heart rate and was concerned so she called the office and was told to come in immediately. She was given such kind, immediate, professional and concerned help that I realized there are definitely benefits to this type of practice and I too joined the practice two days later.  I am sure we will both receive the health care we need and deserve in the future.


I wanted to reach out and thank Dr. Hedman, Dr. Lichti, Dr. Brown and your entire team for all that you were doing in this unprecedented time. I truly appreciate the communication and the dedication that you all show to the health and well-being of your patients.

You will continue to be at the front line of this pandemic for quite a while and I appreciate being part of your practice.

I plan on doing everything that I can to avoid needing your help in the coming months! I know that if I need you, you’re practice is there.

My best to all of your practice. I pray that you and your families will stay healthy during this time.