Prabha was born in India and adopted by a loving family in Michigan. While she transitioned well into her new family, the American diet was a different challenge. She developed multiple food sensitivities followed by a lack of nutrition counseling. Food was no longer something she looked forward to, but a chore—an injustice she wanted to correct for other people.

Prabha chose to pursue the career path of a Registered Dietitian by completing her undergraduate degree at Oregon State University, followed by a dietetic internship at California State University. These programs allowed her to promote wellness in a tasteful manner to a variety of populations in diverse settings. Prabha prioritizes serving the community with her nutrition knowledge. She began implementing her expertise with the Corvallis Police Department by developing a nutrition-focused wellness program as well as teaching nutrition education and culinary classes to children. Prabha is also experienced in providing nutrition counseling, specializing in weight management, bariatrics, as well as cardiometabolic, renal, and gastrointestinal conditions. While food can be the problem, Prabha believes in tastefully promoting wellness using food as the solution.

We are so happy to have Prabha as part of our team.

Prabha Honrath, RD