Below is a copy of the email communication sent out to our patients with the latest update regarding the Coronavirus situation.  This situation is rapidly evolving as the infection spreads, so keep an eye out for additional information and updates.   Also included for those interested is a link to a podcast by UC Davis infectious disease specialist about the Novel Coronavirus for those seeking additional information.

Dear patients,

We want you to know that we are very aware of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) alert and understand that many of our patients are concerned for themselves and their loved ones.  The physicians and staff of Placer Private Physicians take this potential pandemic seriously and want you to know we are doing our do diligence to stay abreast of the situation.  The information is changing very quickly and we are keeping up on the coronavirus by following updates from  Sutter Health, Placer County Healthy Department, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  We are also aware there is a coronavirus infected person being cared for at the UCDMC in downtown Sacramento.

The current CDC recommendations for testing potential coronavirus infected persons has not changed: fever or signs /symptoms of lower respiratory illness (cough or shortness of breath) AND exposure to a known laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patient or history of travel to China in the last 14 days.

If you or a family member are experiencing signs of a potential viral infection including fever or cough, the most important thing is to not panic.  The vast majority of cases of COVID-19 are NOT fatal and most people recover from this virus completely.  More importantly, we are still in the regular “cold and flu” season, and if you come down with a fevers or cough, you are most likely at this point to be infected with a common winter respiratory virus.  The second most important thing is to do your best to not spread any new viral respiratory infection.  In light of the ongoing influenza (flu) season and now COVID-19 situation, the best thing is to stay home if you have new onset respiratory symptoms.  This means staying away from work, school, shopping centers, sporting events, church, etc. until you feel better and you have had no fevers for at least 24 hours.  Lastly, if you or a loved one comes down with a new cough and/or fever, please call our office for recommendations.  Please do NOT just walk into the office to tell us you are sick.  This does not allow us the proper time to prepare for your visit and to follow the CDC recommended precautions.

Let’s all work together and get through this COVID-19 situation.  Keep your immune system strong by eating heathy, get regular sleep, wash your hands regularly, and keep your hands off your face.  Again, our physicians and staff are doing our utmost to stay abreast of this situation and will send out email updates to our patients as we learn more about the COVID-19 situation.


Dr. Hedman, Dr. Lichti and Dr. Brown