Placer Private Physicians is a direct care / concierge medical practice in Rocklin, CA, born out of the frustrations Dr. Hedman and Dr. Lichti faced in the current healthcare environment in the United States.  For patients, this often means high costs, often unnecessary tests or procedures, and less time with the doctor – regardless of how “great” your insurance may be.  The average primary care physician maintains about 2500-3000 patients in their practice.  The average patient in the US waits for over 60 minutes to spend 8 minutes with the physician.

We spent the past few years designing a practice that would function differently.  A practice that would focus on providing the ideal care to our patients.  By no longer working with insurance companies, we no longer rely on their rules, and therefore do not have to rely on their backwards system of reimbursement.  We can now focus on our patients and spend the time necessary to listen, understand and treat appropriately.

There are many articles about “concierge” medicine out there.  I think this one is particularly good and highlights many of the problems of the traditional model and how stepping outside of it can be a great thing for both patients and doctors.

If you have questions about how our direct care practice can benefit you, your health, or the health of your family, please click here or call 916-624-1777 to speak to one of our staff.  You can also call our membership coordinator, Richard, directly at 916-626-1076.  We look forward to showing you how personal your medical care can be.