At Placer Private Physicians, Dr. Hedman and Dr. Lichti offer advanced cardiometabolic testing that can help us to identify risk factors and possible health issues well in advance of them causing actual disease. Our direct primary care model affords us the time to spend on this type of comprehensive and detailed approach.

This medical news article, Consultant 360 – Inexpensive Test Helps Detect Hidden CV Disease, highlights the benefits of testing for cardiovascular inflammation markers. The article points out that many patients at high risk for heart attacks and strokes have normal cholesterol levels. By testing these patients early for cardiovascular inflammation, we can find this “hidden” risk and treat early and aggressively with the proper medications and lifestyle changes to prevent these heart attacks and strokes.

We choose Family Medicine to focus on preventing disease, not only reacting to disease when it happens. At Placer Private Physicians, we have a smaller and more personalized primary care practice that allows us to focus on each of our patients and design an individualized disease prevention plan.