A new study in the medical journal “Circulation highlights the danger of elevated cholesterol levels in early adulthood.  Researchers followed adults ages 35-55 for an average of 20 years.   Those with normal cholesterol levels had a less than 5% risk for future heart disease.  Every decade adults had even slightly elevated cholesterol increased their risk for developing heart disease by 39%.  The damage to your arteries that leads to heart attacks and strokes later in life begins decades earlier.

At Placer Private Physicians in Rocklin, CA, we offer advanced cardiometabolic testing to identify those individuals at higher risk for diabetes, heart attack and stroke.  Dr. Hedman and Dr. Lichti recommend screening for adults of all ages, so we can identify those at risk earlier.  In our direct primary care model, we have the time to focus on diet and lifestyle modifications that will help you manage these risks and stop the development of these deadly diseases.